Oil Field Motors & Converter

                                           STATIC PHASE CONVERTER

  CONVERTER                                                   OIL FIELD MOT0RS
                           240 VOLT      48O VOLT                                               FRAM                    MODEL
HP                         2PS                  PS           HP    RPM      VOLTS         SIZE    TEFC        NUMBER

3                     DAR32-398        DAR34-471        3     1200     208-230-460    213T    TEFC         3-12-213T           
5                     DAR52-435        DAR54-521        5     1200     208-230-460    215T    TEFC         5-12-215T

7.5                  DAR72- 547      DAR74-590       7.5     1200    208-230-460     254T    TEFC      7.5-12-254T      
10                   DAR102-726     DAR104-695      10     1200    208-230-460     256T    TEFC        10-12-256T

15                   DAR152-898     DAR154-944      15     1200    208-230-460     284T    TEFC        15-12-284T

20.                  DAR202-1036   DAR204-1169     20     1200    208-230-460    286T     TEFC        20-12-286T

25,                  DAR252-1432   DAR254-1286     25     1200    208-230-460    324T     TEFC        25-12-324T

30                   DAR302-1505   DAR304-1513     30     1200    208-230-460    326T     TEFC       30-12-326T

40                   DAR492-1743   DAR404-1766     40     1200    208-230-460    365T     TEFC       40-12-365T

50                   DAR502-2276   DAR504-2058     50     1200    208-230-460    404T     TEFC       50-12-404T

60                   DAR602-2562   DAR604-2673     60     1200    208-230-460    405T     TEFC       60-12-405T

75                                          DAR754-2993     75     1200                460    444T     TEFC       75-12 444T

                                                 STATIC PHASE CONVERTER
                                                DRILL PRESS, GRINDERS, etc.             

                        CONVERTER                                                                    CONVERTER
                           240 VOLT                                                                        48O VOLT

   HP                    2PB                               2AZ                                                 4AZ                                       

   1/2               DAR1/2-195                               
   3/4               DAR3/4-202     

     1                DAR1-210                                     
   1.5               DAR15-233                                 

    2                 DAR2-252                            

    3                                                    DAR3-395                                          DAR3-471
    5                                                    DAR5-435                                          DAR5-521

  7.5                                                   DAR7-547                                          DAR7-590

  10                                                    DAR10-726                                        DAR10-695

  15                                                    DAR15-898                                        DAR15-944   

Delta Armature Works

The PHASE-SHIFTER is the ideal converter for most single motor machines, featuring good motor performance and low converter cost. The PHASE-SHIFTER delivers starting and running current on all three phases to provide high motor starting torque and continuous loading up to 70% of the motors rated output. These features are ideal for mills, lathes, drill presses, punch presses, sanders, grinders and many other machines. The PHASE-SHIFTER may also be used for motors operating heavier intermittent loads, such as hoists, hydraulic presses, and home workshop equipment.
The PHASE-SHIFTER is built as rugged electrical equipment - not an add-on "gimmick". All sizes are supplied in aluminum enclosures suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting, with ample room for wiring. All components in the converter are designed for long, trouble free life.

A special PHASE SHIFTER has been designed for oil well applications. It can be used with 1200 or 900 RPM Design D motors.

Often referred to as a "static" phase converter, the RONK ADD-A-PHASE® is actually a full load, autotransformer-capacitor style converter. Many misconceptions are construed toward the ADD-A-PHASE® because of this. The idea that the ADD-A-PHASE® is limited to one motor load only is absolutely false. There are ADD-A-PHASE® in operation now operating up to 6 motors, at full load, from one single unit.
The RONK ADD-A-PHASE® is still the most efficient phase converter manufactured today. The design allows adjustment to provide balanced three-phase power at any motor load up to the converters rating. The high efficiency (97%) and low standby losses make the ADD-A-PHASE® ideal in most automated applications.

The autotransformer design of the ADD-A-PHASE® allows the capability to dictate the output voltage, therefore eliminating the need for costly external step-up or step-down transformers.

Through the years, variations of the standard ADD-A-PHASE® have been designed to suit specific applications.